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How We Work / Process

Consultation and kick off
During this phase, our client has an opportunity to gain more perspective about the design process. Most importantly, this time will be shared with the client, collaborating in order to establish our client’s vision.

Schematic Design
During this phase, design ideas are generated in our studio. This includes preliminary space planning and collection of furniture and finish samples.

Design Development
During this phase, all the information and ideas which have been collected in previous phases come together and are presented to our client. At this phase in the process, our client is able to begin to see their vision more clearly as it relates directly to their office … its time to get excited!

Documentation & Procurement
During this phase, final decisions of finishes have been made. This is the time when the design team documents these finishes and communicates the design to the builder/ contractor through drawings. At this time, art, accessories and furniture for your office will be purchased.

During this phase, the design team comes to your office to make your vision come to life by hanging art work, arranging furniture, installing accessories and putting the final touches. When your first patient walks into your office, they are going to feel comfortable and ready to receive treatment in your beautiful new space!

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